Literature Review On Adolescence

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Literature Review
By Ambar Ayala

The age group I choose is Adolescence age group ranging from 13 years old to 19 year old. The reason I decided to choose this age group is I have a son who recently turned 13 years old. With his changes and him thinking he knows it all. His in a battle with him self it seems to find out who he is what he wants to become. Or just what role he has in his personal life with his family and or at school being around his teachers and most importantly his peers. At this moment he thinks he knows it all. The article I choose is titled Patterns of behavioral and emotional difficulties through adolescence and the influence of prosocial skills.
Using the article I found I will be identifying the scientific method components. The first question of the scientific method is the following what is the question posed by the researchers. The main purpose of the study was to examine the effect of gender and age of the strengths and difficulties based out of a large high school adolescents ranging from 14 years old to 18 years old. On the study it shows the emotions and behavioral patterns. As per the article researching this age groups behavioral patterns are important to improve their well being and for them to adapt better to their surroundings. The adolescent stage is an important key stage that will enable and introduce them to the adult world. It is also very important to know that in this age group psychological difficulties differ from male and

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