Literature Review On Lipase

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Literature review
2.1 Lipases
Lipase is the enzyme that also known as triacylglycerol acylhydrolase with EC number It is part of hydrolases family that act on carboxylic ester bond. It had been widely used as biocatalysts in biological process. Most of the lipase was expressed from natural resources such as plant, animal and microorganism. Lipases expressed from microorganism particularly interest due to easy production, capability to adapt in industrial application (Wang et al., 2017), stability in organic solvent, no cofactor required and broad substrate specification (Aravindan et al, 2006). The function of the lipase is to breakdown the triacylglycerol into free fatty acid and glycerol. In addition, it also involved in many synthesis reaction such as esterification, transesterification and aminolysis (Rivera et al., 2017). Due to its ability to breakdown lipid and many biological reactions, lipase is commercially used in large scale production.
In industrial scale production, microorganism such as bacteria and fungi was fully expressed the lipase. The advantage of using bacteria producing …show more content…

Wide range of microbial lipases was applied including in dairy product such as milk, butter, alcoholic beverages and sweet. In milk production, lipase is used in hydrolysis of fat milk by modifying long fatty acid chain. In cheese production, lipase was used in ripening the cheese and flavour development. Lipase also used in removing the fats from meat and fish to produce high quality meat (Kazlauskas & Bornscheuer, 1998). The process known as bio-lipolysis is breaking down the fats in meats product by addition of enzyme lipase. Other than that, lipase is also play a major role in sausage manufacturing. Based on the table 1, there were some commercial lipase produced and their application in food industry (Aravindran et al.,

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