Literature Review On Participatory Photography

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Literature Review on Participatory Photography

Participatory Photography is among research tools using visual research methods for researchers and other professionals, particularly those who are working on research for social work and community development. In 1997, Carolin Wang and Mary Burris introduced a new methodology called "Photovoice" which is later sometimes referred to as participatory photography. Since then photovoice has become a popular approach in the field of participatory photography and it has been applied in many projects worldwide, particularly those focusing on marginalized groups and the socially excluded. A broad purpose of using photovoice is to get participants ' view and stories on their own perspective by providing them cameras to record their realities according to any topic they have been given. This literature review was conducted with the aim of understanding why photovoice method is chosen for use in research, highlighting the effectiveness of the use of participatory photography and the process of photovoice in addressing the quality of life of young refugees, including some common concerns when doing the participatory project.
Background of Photovoice
Participatory photography was first introduced in 1992 when Dr. Caroline Wang and Dr. Mary Burris did their community-based participatory research on the lives of rural women in Yunnan Province, China. They provided women cameras in order to shed light on their difficulties in

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