Literature Review : The Golem System With Rfid And Vision

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4 Literature Review

Yinghua Xue et. al. (2012), they worked on the automatic warehouse that is wide utilized in completely different sorts of firms about to improve the storage and retrieval potency. During this work, the golem system with RFID and vision was applied into the look of warehouses. Firstly, the RFID system is employed to localize the target roughly and acquire the attributes of the target. Then the aboard vision system is employed to acknowledge and find the target exactly. Finally, the golem management theme is meant supported the results of image process, and therefore the teaching mode and remote mode area unit used flexibly to help golem to know the target. The mix of those 2 modes can 't solely cut back the complexness …show more content…

Conjointly it provides technical reserves for the convergence of ERP and cycle. With the event of RFID and location-based services technology, RFID is joining with a range of sensing, communication, and knowledge technologies. Indoor positioning applications are below fast development. Micromanagement atmosphere of the assets could be a helpful observe for the RFID and positioning. During this work, the model for RFID applications has been analyzed within the microenvironment management of the information center and electrical vehicle batteries, and therefore the improvement theme of enterprise quality management is additionally projected [2].
They conclude that in the current social atmosphere and development opportunities, taking advantage of RFID and different technologies, additionally because the sensible demand-driven, the new application ecological system is being formed; a number of that are native for enterprises management and therefore the others are open applications that are useful to social services, to market RFID continuous development.

Samuel Fosso Wamba (2012), they compared with bar cryptography technology, what 's the importance of the relative advantage of oftenness identification (RFID) within the health care sector? What’s the result of RFID technology on plus management connected processes in healthcare? What area unit the

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