Literature Review on the Way Children Learn

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Literature Review In order to ensure that children are learning what they need to know in order to be successful in school and in life, it is necessary to see what they are learning through their eyes. Not all children learn in the same way, and that can make things difficult for teachers who only have so many options for providing information to students. The value in reviewing the literature on this issue is in finding out how students learn, why some of them learn differently, and what can be done in order to ensure that these students are capable of learning in a way that would be beneficial to them. Because people are so different in how they learn, some of them must be taught differently. The issue with that is that schools and teachers are not equipped to teach each student differently. They must focus on the "standard" way of teaching the majority of students - but where does that leave the students who do not learn in the same way as the "standard" student? In order to have success with the education of children, those children have to be taught through their own eyes (D'Annolfo, 2012). In other words, how the children see the world may be very different from how the teacher sees the world. If the teacher fails to relate to the students in ways the students can accept, it is very possible that the students will lose out on learning that could have been important to them (D'Annolfo, 2012; Hall, 2002). When students learn in ways that they can relate to, they
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