Lithium Carbonate Interview

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With technology advancing and new medications being made to help cure or prevent a disease, countless amount of people are on a medication or multiple medication. The person I choose to interview was initials are D.B., who is a male and is in his early 50’s. He is on multiple different medications. The medication that we will be talking about is Lithium Carbonate. Lithium Carbonate is a mood stabilizer. D.B. has been taking Lithium Carbonate for about 5 years. Lithium Carbonate is also known as Lithobid or also Eskalith. When taking Lithium, it alters the sodium transport nerve and muscle cells. The alterations of the sodium transport in the two areas can cause the intraneuronal metabolism of catecholamines. When taking any medication,…show more content…
Interviewing D.B. will have some effect developing my RN role When becoming an RN, you include different learning approaches when communicating with others. Some ways you might earn a little information from a person as well as obtaining abundant amount. Learning about Lithium Carbonate I needed do my own research on learning about this drug. Researching data will help you not only build a better understanding of the medication but it will help you teach your patients about it along with make sure they absolutely understand the information. I learned that not everyone retains information the same. Some patients like to have handouts but some need hands on teaching. Knowing more facts about your patient is always key to a successful training along with a successful patient-provider relationship. Lithium Carbonate is not typically prescribed to many people. Lithium, being a dangerous drug can result in a risk of potential toxicity. This drug has to be closely monitored by having labs done every 3 months to prevent toxicity. In order to be prescribed Lithium Carbonate you have to be seen someone in behavioral health vs. by your family doctor. After someone has been on a medication for a few years they tend to let slip from memory the serious adverse effects along with patient teaching. It is always valuable to just review the basic teaching. When prescribing a drug, you will know the side effects for that drug, but you also need to know the drug interactions it will have on other drugs if someone is taking multiple
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