Essay on Lithium

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Almost everyone has a favorite song, a song that takes them back or sends them forward to a place and time that is not the present. What makes us pick out our favorites? What kind of affect does a song have that it requires us to constantly hum it or sing it at the top of our lungs? While I cannot speak for others without some kind of group consultation, I can explain the things that make me feel so intensely about this song, "Lithium," preformed by a 1990s grunge rock band, Nirvana, and sung by Kurt Cobain.

The introduction to this song makes me think of a nursery rhyme. It takes me back to being a young child singing "Ring Around the Rosie" and laughing and playing with others without a care in the world. Though this feeling …show more content…

It only takes so much of this before one will encompass within ones own head. Of course these new friends do not hurt you and you are the happiest you have ever been.

The next line, "I'm so ugly, but that's okay, 'cause so are you/ Broke our mirrors" (nirvana-music), continues to explain an aggravated state of the songwriter. Also, a glimmer of hope appears in this line. It reminds us that we are only as ugly as we think we are. By breaking the mirrors, a freedom from society is stated. There is no fear of what others think. A reaction to this is in some way straying from the norm. We have holes in our noses and tattoos and dress differently than the rest. We all need to break our mirrors and be proud of who we are.

The following line, "Sunday morning is everyday for all I care/ And I'm not scared" (nirvana-music), talks about somebody who either does not believe in God or believe in going to church on Sundays, or is not afraid to worship in another manner other than the usual. Sunday is just another day of the week. This person is not afraid of any repercussions that might be the effect of this activity. This line is also about having freedoms.

"Light my candles/ In a daze/ 'Cause I've found god/ Hey, Hey, Hey" (nirvana-music) is a continuation of the preceding line. It is difficult to determine what is meant here. Maybe it is because the songwriter is so surprised to discover God. I see it like this. The

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