Little Opposition to Hitler Due to Propaganda Essay

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Little Opposition to Hitler Due to Propaganda You'll have your hands full from now on. I just can't accept that now people will be in peril of their lives because of other people. I can't accept it and I find it horrifying. Never tell me that it's for the sake of Fatherland. -Sophie Scholl The Nazis faced relatively little open opposition during their 12 years in power. In private, Germans complained about the regime and its actions, although not all. Some might refuse to give the Nazi salute; they might pass on anti-Nazi jokes and rude stories about senior Nazis. However, serious criticism was always in private, never in public. Historians have debated why this was so. There were many …show more content…

Education was also important to the Nazis and lessons were all geared towards making the boys good soldiers and the girl's good mothers. Lessons were used to pass on ideas about war and about racial superiority. Maths problems made the children calculate bombing ranges and the cost of keeping the mentally ill alive. Biology and History lessons were used to say that Germans were better than any other nation, but it was particularly important because this was a way of making future generations into Nazi supporters. The media was also controlled by Josef Goebbels, who was a main disputer of the propaganda. Loudspeakers were set up in public places to broadcast Hitler's speeches. He controlled the press and decided what photographs should be printed, he arranged for posters to be put up, and he made sure Hitler's speeches were broadcast on the radio. It was also Goebbels who planned the big party rallies and publicised everything Hitler did. Fear and terror was also a main contributor to keeping opposition to a minimum. Force was used where propaganda and education had failed. If the people could not be convinced that the Nazis were right then they were punished or removed from society so that they could not oppose Hitler. Therefore, force was important as a back up if propaganda failed. Official government bodies were used to suppress any criticism

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