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ACC 4291 – Integrated Case Study
Case Analysis Report on Living by Numbers – Value Creation or Profit?

The summary
This case basically explains about the dilemma that faced by Hafiz Hashim who is the CFO of MarineCorp Sdn Bhd (MarineCorp). This company was incorporated in 1992 and was a subsidiary of SURIA. MarineCorp has two wholly subsidiaries which are Green Port Sdn Bhd (GreenPort) and Sungai Emas Port Sdn Bhd. Its main operation was the maritime solutions providers for the SURIA group of companies like provide marine consulting services to SURIA and its related contractors that included those for newly vessels for upstream and downstream oil and gas operations. There are some problems occurred which are the chairman who is
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With regard to GM of Green Port, Anita Osman, she had requested to the CFO to amortize the dredging costs in order to improve the company’s profit for the best interests of the company as well as to achieve her KPI target. However, CFO argued that cost of dredging have to be charged in the financial year they were incurred. Similarly, GM of MarineCorp, Lee Chong Way, he disagreed with the recommendation proposed by CFO to pay dividends to its shareholder because the cash resources are used to generate interest income on fund investments. Besides, the company should focus on improving profit as it is the main evaluation in company’s ranking. However, it is actually his performance target that must be achieved. Second, Chairman also requested him to rank the three companies in terms of their financial performance. But, the questions arise on how it should get measured. For example, use profitability as the sole measurement, identify better performance indicator to ensure fair evaluation or determine specific action to improve performance. Despite to that, the chairman emphasized on the importance of holding onto the group value drivers to ensure survival and success. Third, the Chairman had questioned about the conflict of the registered net profit after tax for the period 2009. Through the CFO analysis, he said that company’s actually destroying its value.
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