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“Don’t lose yourself in the process”
The short story” Number 40”is written by Sarah Butler. It was released in 2012 in the anthology; ”The Picador Book of 40”. Some of this issues that are brought up in this short story is mental confusion and loosing yourself, while trying to please others.
The story is about a lady called Melissa. She is on her way to a team meeting, when she realizes that she has left her phone at home. After the team meeting, she is on her way home in a bus. When she has reached her street, she can’t find her house. She lives in number 40 on Rossendale Road with her fiancé Simon, but number 40 is gone, the numbers goes from 38-42, but number 40 is missing or non-existing. She tries to lock up the door, to the house she thought was hers, but the key didn’t fit. She knocks on the door to number 38 where a man answers the door, she asks him where number 40 has gone, but the man just thinks that she is …show more content…

The narrator describes the point of view from Melissa. Melissa is the main character of the story. According to what we’re told by the narrator, Melissa is living with her fiancé Simon in a big house on Rossendale Road in number 40. Melissa isn’t good at change, “Melissa hated forgetting things. Wallet, umbrella, diary, keys – their absence always left her feeling anxious and unbalanced.” Melissa starts to feel anxious and unbalanced as soon as something changes from her daily routine. Melissa also seems like she is very dissatisfied with many things, first it was the table Simon bought that didn’t please her, and then when Simon gave Melissa a ring at a dinner, she tells how sick she felt, but that she didn’t had the heart to tell him. Relationship is about compromising. But Melissa has gone so much on compromise that she has forgotten herself along the

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