Living Conditions During Ww2

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Several conditions in the Nazi concentration camps and work camps made it very hard for children to survive. The camps were tremendously ruthless.The epidemics that broke out in the camps, including the awful living conditions were very diverse mainly during the years that the camps operated. They were also uniquely contrasting in each different camp. Whereas many other conditions such as, executions, hard labor, etc. had a great effect of death of the children, some conditions were worse than others causing the children to pass away real quick. Medical experiments and living conditions had the greatest effect of death of children in the Nazi work camps during WWII. Not only were the children involuntarily used for medical experiments they were also forced to live in brutal living conditions.

Children died very easily because of how they were being treated. They became very weak. They were not fed the right amount of calories and were not treated properly. Feeding the prisoners in the concentration camps was a big issue during the holocaust. The Jewish prisoners were fed three times thought the day which was spread out evenly between the morning, noon and evening. It wasn’t always the amount of food given to the prisoners daily that was the issue, sometimes is was just the way they fed them. When the Nazis would feed …show more content…

Then they would be killed. It is illegal to be putting so much pressure and work on kids of such age. The Nazi followed a policy known as "annihilation through work,". Through this policy certain groups of prisoners were worked to death. The kids in the camps were forced to work under conditions that would lead them straight to illness, injury, and death. The kids were very little at the most the age of 16. They didn't weigh that much and were very fragile, so the work that they had them doing could practically kill

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