Living Lies: Story Of Mirror Image Twins Lani And Laurie Wanamaker

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Living Lies is the story of mirror image twins, Lani and Laurie Wanamaker. Deceit splits the inseparable Supermodels, creating a breach that threatens never to be healed. During a night of heavy partying, Lani overhears her twin agreeing to spend the night with a handsome man, Tosh Wilkes. Lani pretends to be her prim, uptight sister and slips into the inebriated man’s bed. When Lani discovers she’s pregnant, she flees to Tuscany and hides in a villa for the birth of an unwanted child. As a result of her twin’s betrayal, Laurie makes a new life for herself living and working in New York City. Her job necessitates international travel, and she encounters businessman Nikke Francone on a late night flight to Paris. The two soon become intimately

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