Living Proof Character Analysis

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In the movie, Living Proof, several clinical trials took place to ultimately reach the goal of getting the medical drug Herceptin approved. This particular drug is often referred to as HER2+ (Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor 2 – positive and is typically treated during the early stages of breast cancer in which it has spread to the lymph nodes. A clinical trial is a part of medical research that in such a way attempts to prevent, detect, or treat diseases such as cancers. The clinical trials can range from new drugs being distributed to the market, new surgical procedures, or simply to improve treatments that we now have and use today. Rarely can a single clinical trial establish and assists a medical procedure/drug to become approved.…show more content…
Slamon has a behavior like no other. He is a very prestigious man for trying to design a drug that will cure breast cancer. His behavior can be considered to be very similar to what the Belmont Report speaks about in regards to respect of persons, beneficence, and justice. His character exemplifies that he treats each of his patients that are willing to undergo clinical trials as if they are autonomous. He also makes such efforts to ensure that all patients are treated with the proper care to ensure that their health receives his top priority with respecting their decisions to continue/discontinue or to reject treatments. Within his activity during the research process, he promotes that the least amount of harm. On the other hand, a character that also resembled the Belmont Report was the mother of Nicole Wilson, Elizabeth. When her daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had a very hard time dealing with the situation, especially when her daughter had told her that she was going to lose another one of her relatives/family members to cancer. However, the clinical trials for the cancer drug called Herceptin were beginning. Therefore, Nicole Wilson was the first individual to ever receive Herceptin. When the later trials were about to begin, Nicole Wilson was denied treatment because she no longer met the regulations determined by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). After several months of not receiving any treatment, she had passed away. Her mother on the other hand did not behave like I had originally thought that she would. She was very calm and collected during the family’s holiday gathering for Christmas. (She may have reacted differently, however when her daughter recently had passed away). Before her daughter had passed away, she had personally seen Dr. Slamon and asked him if there was anything that he could do to save Nicole’s life. Unfortunately the answer he had to give was a stern, “No.”
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