Locker System Case Study

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This recommendation is written to ask that the locker program at Portland Community College’s Southeast campus be improved to be more accessible for students, as they are on other PCC campuses. Currently, Southeast lockers can only be rented out for four hours a day per student, while Sylvania and Cascade campuses offer term-long rental options.
Using data gathered from surveys we handed out during the fall term at the Southeast campus, we learned that 47% of 113 students surveyed would be interested in using a locker on campus. We also learned that 67% of the people surveyed do not have somewhere safe to store their belongings and class materials. Although many students would like to have a locker to store their materials in,
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Even by extending the time limit of the Southeast locker program, the location of the lockers in the Southeast Library, means students with classes ending after its closing cannot use the program.
Additionally, there are only 40 lockers available to an average yearly student population of 11,117. Although not all enrolled students need lockers, the location of the Southeast Campus creates a large population of students that may utilize them. This population consists of students who bike, walk, or take public transit to school, as they must carry all their needed supplies and belongings with them.
By updating the current Southeast locker program to the same standards as Cascade and Sylvania, PCC can help reach more students and their needs.

Research and Analysis
The research conducted to acquire enough data for our report spans over the course of two weeks. Our primary goal was to learn about how the students attending class at the Southeast Portland Community College felt about the locker system on campus. Our team began this research by administering 113 anonymous surveys to the general student population, specifically at the SE campus. Our surveys were only given to enrolled students for the current quarter and diversified by different hours and locations on campus. After surveying students on the Southeast campus, our results indicate
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