Logistics Management : Supply Chain Management

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Logistics management is part of supply chain management, which deals with organizing, executing and directing efficiency in the movement of goods in and out of the manufacturer’s warehouse. On the other hand, a supply chain entails the sequence of all the modalities employed in the production and distribution of goods; it consists of parties involved either directly or indirectly towards the satisfaction of the customer. This paper discusses the business, as well as supply chain policies for any given organization employed towards supporting the business strategy. I have comprehensively discussed what ought to be done from the time the manufacturer gets his raw materials from the suppliers to the processing and delivery of the final …show more content…

Strategic decisions made towards introducing new versions of a product that is already in the market, rationalizing the existing product or if a new variety of products are availed to the market. The overall objective of the firm ought to be the decisive factor when making strategic product development. Market Availability: Any company has to be able to identify key customers for its products at the strategic level. When strategic decisions are made by the company on products to be manufactured, there is need to know all their key customers where marketing ought to be done. On identification of key customers, the manufacturer is able to know their needs regarding the product. Manufacturing: Manufacturing decisions at the strategic level will be able to determine the infrastructure and technology employed. The company should be capable of drafting strategic decisions on how goods are manufactured basing on high level forecasting, as well as sales estimates. There might be need to put in place new manufacturing facilities to increase on the capacity of production if the current facilities’ production capacity cannot meet the current demand. Decisions may also include subcontracting if the company’s objectives include moving manufactured goods to overseas (exportation). Strategic supply decisions influence basing on environmental issues on corporate policy. The environmental issues should be able to give the manufacturer the social and economic influences of the

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