Supply Chain Management

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According to Jacoby, D. (2010), some companies like Walmart and Dell have applied this system to gain a competitive advantage in the market while others have failed to apply it owing to its complexity. Companies require adequate and accurate information about all the players in the chain management in order for them to meet their consumers, demands while maintaining health relationships with their suppliers. Technology plays a pivotal role in availing such information, and as such, it is an effective tool for chain management. If done in the right way, then organizations will be ahead of the rest of the competitors in the market place. It is for this reason that organizations should invest in proper supply chain management in order for them to enhance their revenues while cutting on the costs.
Initiating the integration process and the rationale
The underlying principle of supply chain management is to increase a company's worth in order for it to maintain a top position in the marketplace in comparison with their competitors. The market demand is a fundamental aspect for any manufacturing company, which Durham International Manufacturing Company should be keen in addressing. To ensure that market demand issues are addressed, DIMCO should work closely with distributors of their products to gather relevant information that is…
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