Long Term Effects Of Divorce On Children

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In the United States alone, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of families are affected by divorce each year. Divorce is a high-stress process which may affect parent’s abilities to provide for their children. Whether there is lack of support emotionally, mentally, financially, or physically; a child can be very critically damaged. A child is continuously developing mentally, emotionally, and academically. There are different stages of adolescence that cause different ages of children to react to divorce in several ways. Children put in these situations have higher risk of suffering academically, mentally, and emotionally. Issues relating to divorce can follow the effected party in to adulthood. They show different forms of behavioral change. The needs for every child can be met through simple changes in lifestyle if the persons involved educate themselves. Every year in the…show more content…
(Long Term Effects) When parents part ways and adapt to starting fresh, providing for the children may become harder due to an increase in demands. These demands may decrease the standard of living for a child. A child can go from living in a very nice home supported by two incomes, to a small apartment living on one income. Amid this, a parent may be working a lot more to provide for the child. This decreases the amount of time a parent can be physically and psychologically available for their children. During this time, children may focus on the negative aspects and find it hard to find comfort. (Effects of Divorce) Compared to children with two-parent families, ones who have gone through divorce are at a higher risk for internalizing and externalizing problems. (Long Term Effects) In addition, the intensity and duration of the divorce process is the largest factor in determining how well a child can adjust to the new lifestyle. (Child Development) Adjustment can take up to two years or longer. (Effects of
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