Longoria Character Analysis

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I think Longoria’s character shows a lot of discipline for doing what is enforced to do. We see how violence has affected his life and other people’s perspective of him. He started out in the Army at a very young age and carried out the harsh tasks that he was given, no matter how cruel they were. Longoria is a strong-minded person. For him to carry out some of the assignments he was given, it takes a different kind of person. For example, the incident with the people in the village. He murdered a whole village of innocent people. To me, this shows that Longoria is ruthless. In a sense, I would almost say that he has lost his mind. After years of killing like he did, how does he not have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Most people that must go through and witness the things like Longoria are scarred for the rest of their life. For example, my grandfather was in the military during Vietnam. He would wake up screaming in the middle of the night, fireworks and loud noises bothered him, among other little things that would trigger his PTSD. Violence eventually takes its toll and I think it got the best of Longoria. The first altercation between Antonio and Longoria happens about half way through the book. Antonio travels to the park where Longoria usually plays chess and sets out to kill him. He arrives and asks for Longoria but he hasn’t arrived yet. After waiting, Longoria finally arrives. Antonio, so full of hate and vengeance, attacks Longoria with a pipe. Longoria was

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