Los Angeles River

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  • Case Analysis: The Los Angeles River

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    groundwater was a part of the Los Angeles River but employed vague terms that could be interpreted in varying ways that did not reflect the hydrological realities of the region (Sax 2003, 278). Again, if the water below the valley was legally defined as groundwater, it would be subject to absolute ownership law and Los Angeles would only be secure in the rights to the Los Angeles River (Sax 2003, 280). So, the Court asserted that geographically speaking, the Los Angeles River’s headwaters began in

  • Los Angeles River Internship

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    internship with Friends of The Los Angeles River (FoLAR) has been a pretty fantastic experience. Although I had a couple of other opportunities, I chose to intern here because I felt it breached the gap between water resource management and the natural world. I also liked the idea of learning more about the damage done to the Los Angeles River when it was channelized and working for a nonprofit organization. I first learned about the FoLAR when they showed up to my work in the River Rover, a 38-foot-long

  • Human Activities Have Impacted Rivers Since The Birth Of Civilization

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    have impacted rivers since the birth of civilization. For millennia, water from rivers has been, used, re-used, diverted, depleted, polluted, sold, flushed, fought for, stolen, ruled, exchanged and more. To understand what affects the quality and quantity of water for The Los Angeles River, we must understand the water sources that charge and shape the River’s watershed. Moreover, we must also understand the Los Angeles River and its interaction with the environment. You see, as the River moves downgradient

  • Fice Of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

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    The design of this river greenway, a constructed infiltration basin is likely the contributing factor to the lower groundwater threat than seen previously, particularly for a highly industrial area. In order to determine walkability and connectivity to and from the site,

  • Santa Monica Mountains Essay

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    The range mapped in the Santa Monica Mountains is limited on the south by Hollywood, on the north by the San Fernando Valley, on the west by Cahuenga Pass and Dark Canyon, and on the east by the Los Angeles River. Griffith Park is incorporated inside the eastern portion of the region. The vital topographic component of the territory is an east-westridge. Cahuenga Peak (height 1821 feet) is close to the western end of the edge, and Mount Hollywood (elevation 1652 feet) is justsouth of the focal part

  • The Effects Of Urban Renewal And The Freeway Systems

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    displacement to the Chicano population within and around the Los Angeles area. Olvera Street was built with inclination of an economic gain, and through its process hid the racial politics of the Great Depression of the 1930s. Olvera Street was planned out by Christine Sterling who had a vision, “a Mexican street of yesterday in a city of today” (Carpio lecture week 3). With profit in mind, Olvera Street worked as a tourist attraction in Los Angeles with the help of Union Station opening during that period

  • Struggles of Immigrants and Native Americans

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    1. The Mexican government system over the Native Americans introduced the policy of mercantilism. In this system, merchants and the government based in Mexico partnered to make a strong political rule over Native Americans. In the process, the colonial government backed the merchants in exploiting the resources of the native peoples. In exchange, the government took its share in terms of taxes and duties. The tax that the colonial government earned was used to equip the loyal navy such that the Mexican

  • Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water by Marc Reisner

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    fiercely cold; streams that flooded a few weeks each year and went dry the rest; forests with trees so large it might take days to bring one down; . . . hail followed by drought followed by hail;” (23). A major problem in Southern California is that Los Angeles experiences very little rain all year, followed by intense downpours that last less than one day (53). Its unreliable rainfall severely hurts the region. In Northern California, mountains such as the Sierra Nevada allow for a huge range in rainfall

  • Living in Jacksonville, NC versus Living in San Diego, Ca

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    the country. People can join the “Clean and Green Jacksonville initiative” which entails improving, and maintaining the parks, roadways, and landscapes. Also, the Sturgeon City Institute is focused on bringing back the endangered Sturgeon to the New River. In addition, Rails and Trails, it is a jogging and biking path that starts downtown and ends at Camp Lejeune; and

  • Ghettos : Death Sentences, The Uprisings Of The 1960s

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    children, usually in cohorts in a low-income neighborhood or city” (Vigil 226). In the movie, Doughboy and his friends are not shown as a subset of a widespread gang (although it can be inferred from their blue attire that they belong to the infamous Los Angeles Crips). Yet, they grow up together on the streets, find solace in one another’s company, and become involved in violent behavior during their adolescent years; therefore, they can be defined as a gang. Several factors play a role in the violent