'Look Like You Give A Damn'

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Introduction In this NIVEA FOR MEN ad a clean shaven black man is seen posing looking to the left as he is brandishing the large- afro, disembodied head of his former, uncivilized self and prepares to toss away his scraggly unshaven head. The text of the ad tells readers: “ Re-civilize yourself” and has the caption “ Look Like You Give A Damn.” According to the NIVEA campaign this ad is intended to target consumers and encourage this generation of men to actively engage in grooming. However, people on social network voiced their outrage with messages like, “ NIVEA claims that black people aren’t civilized,” and called the ad “ unapologetically racist.” Aside from this ad being inappropriate and offensive to black men it can also be viewed as an ad encouraging men to become what society defines a …show more content…

According to this “ Re-Civilize” NIVEA ad society wants men to care about their appearance and to be well groomed, showing that society wants men to be masculine because society definition of a “ real man” is to embrace male physical and/or behavioral stereotypes.
Alpha Male The Alpha Male, the “ real man”, a man’s man, a warrior, a stand up guy. It doesn’t matter what you call him, he’s a leader, the guy others look for motivation, inspiration, …show more content…

In this case society wants men to become better looking and masculine. This connects to the term “ The Great Set Up” discussed in the film The Mask You Live In. From the earliest age boys are told to “ Be a man!” “ Stop with the emotion!” and “ Man up!”. Boys are made to wear a mask that separates who they are from who they have to pretend to be to the world, and that creates a toxic culture. The content of the films suggest that masculinity is a cultural creation. Society’s standards changes boys to conform to a hyper-masculine

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