Look Pass The Label By Paul Gauguin

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Look Pass the Label
A few weeks ago, I visited the Museum of Modern Art. As I was going through the second exhibition a particular painting caught my attention. Still life with three puppies by Paul Gauguin was titled. My first encounter with this painting was through the title, which made me create negative hypothesis on what the painting was depicting. When looking at this painting all I could think about was my lack of fascination towards animals, especially puppies, while the person standing next to me was sighing and smiling about according to her “how cute the puppies are”. Unlike that person, I am not an admirer of puppies and as result I move quickly from the painting. However, as I made a second round on the exhibition, this time when I saw the painting I was beginning to notice things like shapes, symbols and colors and immediately forgot about my initial reaction. I begin to realize that there might be more to the painting than what I originally saw, but I have been blind from my initial judgments.
In my second observation I was able to look pass this initial judgments drawn by the title. The title “Still Life with Three Puppies” confirm my assumptions about the painting and prevented me from continuing seeing what the painting is trying to depict. This name limited my thinking and didn’t allow me to see the painting from what it is.
In the still life with three puppies, Paul Gauguin painted the entire canvas white and then added some color by painting blue

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