Look me in the eye

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Mary Ellis 8/6/12 Summer assignment Look Me In The Eyes Chapter 1:” Blue blocks went with blue blocks, and red blocks went with red blocks. But Doug would lean over and put a red block on top of the blue ones.…show more content…
Chapter 13: “ With an important job to do, the gentle roll of the ship, the stars, and the sea air, it seemed like magic.” (pg.130) After all those years of feeling like such an outcast john now pauses to examine the progress he’s made. John finally reached a point in his life where he began to feel satisfaction with himself. Chapter 14: “ My experiments had so far been confined to childhood pranks-nothing on this scale” (pg.134-135) Now the real world, full of the twist and turns of fait are becoming johns reality. He was no longer pranking others to escape his own world, but projecting himself in a position where he can solve real life experiments. Chapter 15: “ My little brother had no concept of the cost or trouble to bring him there, I didn’t either, but he didn’t know that.” (pg.148) Although his intelligence was more advanced and higher than others, john lacked many things one of which fully understood the concepts that came along with the adult world, such as money management. Chapter 16: “Many people with Asperger’s have an affinity for machines. Sometimes I think I can relate better to a good machine than any kind of person.”(pg.151) Machines are the one thing john feels he has control over, people have emotions, and they carry judgment, where as a machine can’t voice its opinion, it just does exactly what you direct it to do; unlike humans
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