Looking Backwards And Fahrenheit 451

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Edward Bellamy and Ray Bradbury both expressed their concerns that they had during their two different time periods. Their pieces of literature both reflected on a what-if society based on the current living conditions. Each of the main characters were both guided by people and amazed at what they could find if they broke their norm and put their heads in the mindset of creating or living in a better society. In each of the novels Looking Backwards and Fahrenheit 451, the authors clearly oppose what is happening or what they think is going to happen in the future. Edward Bellamy shows how he wants to create changes for society at the time to ensure a better future. He wrote in the nineteenth century about a boy named Julian who comes from a very well off and wealthy family. During this time period there was a huge distinction between the wealthy and the poor and many believed that there was no way that society could bridge that gap. Wealthy people thought that they were superior. After Julian is put to sleep for over one hundred years, he wakes up in Bellamy’s Utopian modern age. During Julian’s stay in the new country, he experienced the differences that Bellamy believes could change the country making it a better place for everyone both rich and poor. Bellamy is stressing the need for equality. In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, he expresses his fear for the future and the emphasis on keeping some tradition in our society. He writes about a firefighter by the name of
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