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In 1st of January 1912, JC told his parent, as my new year present, I want to be a priest, he then asked Father Shanahan, and can a black man be a Roman Catholic priest. JC had attended the Holy Trinity primary school at Onitsha He passed the then Standard VI as well as the Junior Civil Entrance examinations which should have set him up for a career in government.
Another version by Jordan in his The Second Burial of Shanahan – Looking to the Future page 227 by Jordan writes that the story began on 1 January 1912, when John was fourteen Years of age'. He shyly handed his father a letter which read, 'My dear Father, as my new year resolution-, I want to serve God all my life. I want to be a priest. John.' His father, a devout Catholic, hurried to the …show more content…

In 1912 he passed what was then Standard VI as well as the Junior Civil Entrance Examinations, which showed his exemplary brilliance.
Pope Benedict XV was pope from 3 September 1914 and King George V was King of the United Kingdom

Whatever version points to the fact that in March of 1913, the diaries of the Holy Ghost fathers and a photograph shows John and Charles, the youngest of the Anyogu boy’s in a school house group photograph - which confirms Zeff’s version that all four brothers were sent to Castlehead, in cotton county Lancashire for their secondary schooling by their parents. Jacob later went up to Newcastle upon Tyne.
Shanahan saw both John and Luke as promising students and arranged for them to be accepted at the Juniorate at the then Castlehead in Lancashire he matriculated with a distinction.
That little community at Castlehead had a special links with Nigeria. Fathers Patrick McDermott and Joseph Lichtenberger, when home from Nigeria, had helped in the early days to get the school and the Brothers' novitiate underway. It was from there that Joe Delaney had come to Nigeria to begin his valuable work as

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