Looking for Alibrandi Pressure from Parents Essay

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Looking for Alibrandi does show the different expectations placed on young people. These expectations can be in many different forms due to race or nationality or pressure to pursue a certain career path. In the novel this is shown clearly in Josephine Alibrandi and John Bartons life. Josephine has high expectations to be a stereotypical Italian girl and John Barton has a lot of pressure from his father to become a barrister and follow in his footsteps. Jacob Coote is also another character that has different expectations to family ones, his come from the general view of the public and society.

The main story in the novel is of Josephine Alibrandis life when she is 17 years old and at the end of her high
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as if he has lost lots of weight, his face is blotchy and pale". This is a result of the harassment from is father, in the end it becomes too much for John to handle and ends up taking his life in the middle of his issues.

Jacob Coote has expectations placed on him but in a
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