Loopholes In Gun Laws

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Have you heard of the many recent shootings that have happened throughout all of America? It’s unacceptable and there are flaws in our system that allow people to get guns when they shouldn’t. Issues such as loopholes, mentally ill accessing guns, and weak gun laws. There shouldn’t be any loopholes in gun laws. For example, anyone could easily purchase a gun at a gun show with no background check or anything else according to the article on the web site Governing, “Known as the ‘gun show loophole,’ most states do not require background checks for firearms purchased at gun shows from private individuals -- federal law only requires licensed dealers to conduct checks.” Furthermore, another thing is people purchasing guns to sell them to others with no documentation or anything else. The idea that I propose to fix the current problem with guns is having a check up on the guns that people purchased every 6 months. In the recent shooting that happened in Florida, the shooter easily purchased a gun in spite of the fact that he wrote a youtube comment that hints his plans for the shooting according to the article How gun background checks work published by CNN, “ He even made explicit threats that foreshadowed Wednesday's massacre. Last fall, a YouTube user going by the name ‘nikolas cruz’ left the following …show more content…

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