Lord Chesterfield Analysis

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Can you think of some on more influential to a person's life than their parents? Usually, an individual would carry the same traits, beliefs and hobbies as their parents or guardians. In his letter he was giving advice to his distant son, Lord Chesterfield shows his individual tenets that he tries to pass on over the use of parallel structure and figurative language.
Chesterfield begins his letter by creating a situation to provide his advice. Understanding that his young son might simply show irrelevance to his words, the author employs anaphora to know slightly with his son also at the same time acknowledge his belief that the information he is about to give will be, at least, considered. Lord Chesterfield continues to assure that he only aims to advise, and not to dictate to his son through the implementation of simple, drawing the younger Chesterfield to view the advice as coming from a friend, preferably than from his father.
Lord Chesterfield indicates the power and influence of knowledge by engaging the use of metaphor and compares the impediments he had faced during his life to "thorns and briars" because he had produced marks during …show more content…

Practicing rhetorical questions to highlight the value of performing with perfection, Lord Chesterfield later warns his son of the possible outcomes that would occur from effortlessly doing things. He reminds his son that as someone who was born into a situation having many possibilities given, failure to strive strong and exceed others would inevitably cause shame and embarrassment to them both. As the last letter to his son, Chesterfield closes his letter with contradiction, paraphrasing his view that accomplishments do not happen to a person till he thoroughly probes the problem

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