Lord Of The Flies Leadership Analysis

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Leadership is something a person has, they can't really develop it, and a perfect example is in the novel “Lord of The Flies”. The author of the novel is William Golding and the novel he has written is a realistic fiction about kids on a island and how they will change because lack of rules and government. In the novel, there are two different kids that want to be the leader; Jack and Ralph. Both of the boys end up fighting in the novel about who is a better leader and they end up killing some of the other boys to prove they should be. Jack has some strong assets that would make him a better leader such as he is straight forward and isn't worried about what the other boys would think about him, so he is confident. The reason to believe that Ralph is a better leader because of his passion, responsibility, and treatment of the boys.
To begin, Ralph shows useful human qualities as a leader by wanting to improve the kids society. Ralph knows that if he wants to survive on the island, then they have to be civilized and in order to do that they need to have stability and order. Also he understands that all the kids have to be treated fairly, especially Piggy, that proves that Ralph is a better leader because he sees himself as another boy and not the superior leader. Ralph sees the future as them getting off the island and insists that keeping the fire burning will be a signal for rescue. Ralph's leadership provides peace and order to the island while Jack's leadership creates

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