Lord Vishnu: The Formation Of Greek Myth

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Vishnu developed a plan to help the god regain their strength. The gods then entered into an alliance with the demons to jointly churn the ocean for the Amrita (nectar of immortality). The demigods promised to share the nectar with the Asuras.. But The demigods agreed to join with Asuras only because Lord Vishnu told them that He would make sure they alone would obtain the nectar and recover their strength and power to defeat the demons. Both the demigods and Asuras proceeded to churn the ocean of milk with the help of the mandara mountain as the rod and the king of serpents vasuki as the cord to get the Amrita. All kind of herbs were cast into it.This churning was so arduous that Lord Vishnu had to appear in many forms to help them with this process and prevent it from going nowhere. …show more content…

And so he did,his wife Parvati pressed his neck as he was swallowing. the halahala stayed in his throat,changing the color of his neck to blue.this is why lord shiva is also called Neelakantha. (Neela=blue, kantha=throat) As the churning progressed 14ratnas (gems) and many Devine objects and beings emerged from ocean including kamadhenu (the Devine cow),the white horse, kalpavriksha( the wish fulfilling tree), and Sri Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth ,was reunited with her husband lord Vishnu after having been separated for many

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