Los Angeles' Metro and Accessibility

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Wheelchairs, canes, crutches- all these devices help an individual maneuver around after certain injuries or complications make life harder for them. Although full mobility with these devices isn’t restored, it makes a metaphorical bridge for their reentry into society. As if life wasn’t hard enough for these people, they still have to work and make a life for themselves. Due to the fact that many diseases are incurable they have to find ways to cope with their disabilities. Having less maneuverability calls for things such as designated areas for the disabled on Public busses or ergonomic seats that can work on both the disabled in a general situation, and the typical passenger. These things need to be implemented on Metro busses in the Los Angeles Region because roughly 1.3 million riders have a disability. Certain things can happen in today’s system where a disabled rider could hurt themselves in the movement of the bus when they’re not strapped in or when there are no open seats on the bus. A
Accessibility’s Significance and Its History
The United States has been a world leader for helping out in civil rights and such, and one of its many civil rights acts was the Americans with Disabilities Act. This Act entitles people with disabilities their basic rights and sets rules for Public Areas and Private areas where disabled people would potentially have to go. This Act now gave disabled people a means to go places. It caused designated areas for wheelchairs in Parking

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