Losing My Life

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My whole life has been about family. If you have nobody you have family is what I was always told. Therefore, I grew up with my family as my best friends, my right hand, my everything. Never could I imagine even losing one of them and even the thought made me panic, so you could understand the biggest loss in my life when my aunt Vicky passed away from a “Hemorrhagic Stroke” on July 7, 2017. Not only did I lose a piece of me, I lost a best friend. I can honestly say this experience in losing her has taught me not only strength, but awareness. My aunts stroke was on led by untreated Hypertension which lead into Hypertensive Crisis.
When I first got the call that she was headed to the hospital, I didn’t freak out because I didn’t think the worst which is what it was. I got the call from my mom saying that my aunt Vicky was on the way to the hospital. I asked if she was okay which my mom responded that she didn’t know. I told her to keep me updated. Two hours later, my mom called me and said the doctors said that my aunt Vicky had a stroke and had a small bleed on the brain. They needed to get her airlifted to Duke because they didn’t have the equipment to help her. My mom came home, got ready and we all headed to duke hospital. Finally, we arrived at Duke hospital at about 12 am. We waited for the helicopter to get there which eventually arrived at about 7 am. She was immediately taken into emergency surgery, is what we were told, so we waited. Hours went by and

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