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How to regain your footing when an unexpected loss occurs that leaves you feeling isolated and alone
Whatever the manner of death, any unexpected loss of a loved one would bring out the worst in us. While we weather the bereavement period, which is a highly charged and traumatic time due to the emotions and effects involved, we should also brace up for the period after the funeral or memorial service. It is a time of uncertainty as we struggle to confront the massive gap or void left behind by our loved one’s demise. It is when our confidence and self-esteem hit rock bottom.
We may be at our lowest without the people who mean the world to us – our parents, spouses, children, sweethearts – especially if they pass away due to critical illness
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While we grieve, we should also give way to reason. We may have lost a loved one – we should not lose ourselves too. We should strive to regain our confidence after the loss of a loved one.
How could survivors regain their confidence after an unexpected death of a loved one? Here are some suggestions:
• Forgive yourself and the deceased. Whatever unfinished business or past conflict there is between you and the deceased, recognize it as finished and unchangeable. No relationship is perfect, and shortcomings occur on both sides, but everything is all in the past now. Forgive the deceased and yourself, and reflect on the good times.
• Lean on faith. If you are a religious/spiritual person, take the time to pray or meditate, read the scripture, attend a religious service, visit a church or temple, or go on a pilgrimage. Such activities help you find inner strength and boost your self-confidence in the most uncertain times.
• Express yourself. Regain your confidence after the loss of a loved one through other forms of expression other than crying. You could take up painting or music; write a book, poem or song dedicated to the deceased; make a scrapbook or photo album; any activity that will help you heal and express yourself in creative
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