Louis Pasteur Accomplishments

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Louis Pasteur was a scientist. He led many scientific discoveries particularly in the study of germs and living organisms. It is through the work of Pasteur that we know to wash our hands to prevent that spread of germs, that medical instruments need to be sterilized, and his research on germ theory led to the development of antibiotics. His initial motivation was a love of science, but his research and life events led him to ask important science questions that begged to be answered. After his initial research on crystallization and how polarized light passed through them he became associated with another scientist named Biot. It was after testing Pasteur’s theories that the two became good friends and colleagues. Pasteur’s work into the study of disease and vaccination was further spurred on when two of his daughters died of typhoid.

Pasteur’s study of crystallography gained him great recognition and he became the Dean of the Faculty of Science Lille. In this school they were doing a great deal of research on the production of alcohol by fermentation of the beetroot. “At this time the theory of Liebig, that fermentation was a chemical process,” (Fleming) was being researched. Pasteur questioned this theory
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With Edward Jenner’s discovery of the smallpox vaccination, Pasteur asked the questioned if a vaccine be found for all diseases. Pasteur’s work showed that bacteria could cause infectious diseases. His discovery of the chicken cholera vaccination was through a process of trial and error. He was able to “isolate a microbe from fowls suffering from this disease”. (Fleming) Many experiments of trial and error were conducted and it was actually chickens that were injected with an old culture that led Pasteur and his team to discover the vaccination for chicken cholera. Building on his germ studies he was able to investigate other diseases including anthrax and
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