Louisiana Public Schools Essay

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For the public schools of Louisiana and across the United States I would propose the expansion of healthcare services provided by the school, an increase in after school and community programs, and the use of a comprehensive curriculum. I would also suggest a decreased emphasis on testing and test results as they apply to school accountability. It is suggested by data from NAEP testing that school absences is one of the factors that has a negative impact on student learning and therefore on overall grade point average and test scores. In a table that shows the coloration of school days missed with the percent of student with a 3.0 of higher grade point average, in the Sioux Falls school district in South Dakota, data suggests that as …show more content…
An increase in healthcare programs provided by schools or by local community centers for children living in impoverished areas could lead to a decrease in absences, and in effect an increase in learning for those students. The research we have looked at in class, from NAEP and other resources, has suggested that only a limited time of a person’s life is spent in school. We have also learned that education does not come just from school but also from parents and other life experiences. Therefore, I would propose that Louisiana and other states provide more afterschool programs, through community centers or other facilities, that help to enrich education, help to provide positive environments in which children can interact, and provide classes of interest that may not normally be found in most schools. These facilities could also provide tutoring and programs that help integrate the Arts more into education. Student mobility is also a problem facing our school system. Once again, from research we have looked at in class, and from a study I looked at done primarily at the University of Washington on “Longitudinal Effects of Student Mobility on Three Dimensions of Elementary School Engagement,” it is suggested that students mobility and other factors that arise from it such as stress leaded to a decrease in a student’s ability to learn. In class we also
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