Essay on Love Can Blossom in Unlikely Places

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Love can blossom in unlikely places... After a tragic day years ago, Enya Harper was left to pick up the pieces and move on with her life – but she has not, she shut herself from the world and vowed never to love again. A couple of miles away, Matt Sawyer is looking only for work, nothing more. His life is already complicated, with a past that won’t go away. Enya is a top of the notch doctor – everyone wants to be her and if lucky work with her. She has everything; the career she longed for since she was a teen, loving parents and friends. Like a flower in spring, she blossomed,throughout the years – earning good grades in her exams and earning a residency in the most acclaimed hospital in the area. During her practise, she met the one …show more content…

This threw Matt back. He ended up in prison for breaking and entering. After serving his time – he realized that he was throwing away his life. He started seeing a counsellor who helped him deal with all his issues growing up as a child up until his recent brush with the law. He was trying to be a new person. After Matt got on his feet, he found a job opening as a hospital receptionist – the same hospital Enya worked at. Despite his appalling past, he got the position. At first, they did not even acknowledge each other – a hospital is not the kind of place to meet new people. Matt sees how empty Enya appears. He decides to talk to her. Following her on her way to surgery made him look like a stalker. Enya is now aware of Matt’s presence. He, too seems faint. It looks like that even by looking at one another, they find refuge. Like it is meant to be, they started talking to each other, without any hesitation. They are both misfits – she – a woman who could not find her way back after being left alone and ran away from her problems by dissolving in her work, and him- hitting rock bottom, thinking substance use was a solution to deal with abandonment issues. Their friendship started with just a smile at work as they passed each other. Then, they started to eat together during their break. They decided to take their meetings outside of their work place. Each day they met, they were drawn more closer to each other. Their love was pure, but it

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