Love, Care, And Treat People With Respect From A Very Young Age

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I was taught to love, care, and treat people with respect from a very young age. When I was a young girl, my mom would take me with her to work. At the time, she worked at an assisted living center in Rome, Georgia. You see, I was a very quiet and curious child who observed the world innocently with bright, untainted eyes. I didn’t care much to be around the other children who were usually loud and somewhat bothersome, but I enjoyed being around adults. So when my mom would take me with her, the elderly people living there found much joy in having my company. I would sit and listen to them tell me all sorts of stories from their past for hours on end, but I loved to hear about them. In a way, I somehow understood that these people were lonely and only had so much time left. They just wanted someone who could appreciate them and what they had to say; they wanted to feel like they were of some importance and had a sense of meaning. I cared greatly about what they had to say, even though I didn’t understand it that much. More importantly, I cared about their feelings and wellbeing. I can still remember at least two of my mom’s patients. One was a man named Lou, and I believe he wore a prosthetic leg. He was a very sweet and dear old man who loved the outdoors. My mom would bring him outside in the mornings to watch the birds and to get some fresh, crisp, morning air. He had become a great friend to the both of us, a bit like a father and

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