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In each part of the globe people want loving and long lasting relationships. In 21st generation young men and women think that sexual enjoy is the key point to success a relationship but that 's wrong. Now-a-days in the world 80% of the crimes occur by the people to fulfill the sexual desire. Poverty, violent crime, delinquency, promiscuity, alcohol and drug abuse, mental illness, and suicide are all happened for the sex and the breakdown of the marriage bond.

I am neither a social scientist nor a professional doctor, but I am fully aware that most of what I have written is contrary to current trend people. But I do feel the urgent need to share these to make a life of love, pure, honest, and committed. My hope is that all of us - all …show more content…

Now think how many out of 389 will marry to their boyfriend after study completion or when their family will arrange marriage for them. You know that most of them are only spending time with their boyfriend for some reasons like shopping need, sexual need etc. now you tell will they be right partner of his future husband? Also boys are more dangerous than girls because 99% boys want to fulfill sexual desire from their girlfriend by motivating or any other way so will they be right partner of their future wife?

Right partner makes your life U-turn means very bad to very good which all people want to see in their life even a successful people want to be more successful by right life partner and it 's 100% true that a right life partner can change successful percentage which is unbelievable.

All we know that there is a woman behind every successful man and vice-versa, its true but I also believe that if someone want and try to be successful by self then it can be 100% possible. Let that topic we will discuss about this in another book because here we are discussing about choosing right life partner so life partner is not for month or years, its for your whole life even next generation depends upon that.

You are not choosing life partner to enjoy young age, selecting partner to marry and to get license that she or he is your life partner till end of your life. So that you can share understanding, feelings and can care each other to live with happiness. By

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