Love, Forgiveness, And Grace

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Love, Forgiveness, and Grace

Imagine yourself at 16 years old, imagine yourself playing a game of bash and go hide. Now imagine that the people who your back stabbing are your best friend 's parents. Yeah… that was me doing the backstabbing, not to mention the fact that I did some serious cussing toward them. About a month later I was caught red handed in the month old emails that my buddy forgot to delete. However I am so very grateful that my friend didn 't delete the emails.

Otherwise I would still be wallowing in the muck and disgrace of what we said. When i’m caught doing something my first response is usually a dumb and idiotic excuse. This time around I couldn’t find an excuse. Infact what I did left me speechless. My mask had been shattered while I was wearing it.

I knew I was dead wrong in my actions. The last couple of weeks I have wanted to confess to Mr. and Mrs. Adams that i was really bashing them behind their backs. I realized that you really can’t judge a book by its cover or by what other people say about that book. Mr. and Mrs. Adams are genuine, godly, and very loving people. Why I shot flaming arrows at people who love, house, and feed me, was because I was upset that I couldn’t have a stupid little sleepover.

Really dude, what were you thinking when you did said that? But here 's a twist in this story instead of rejecting me they turned around and offered me love, forgiveness, and grace. Sounds familiar, so let 's jump into the…
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