Love In Poems Brings Great Emotions Essay

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When one thinks of poetry, love is something that will definitely appear in the process. Love in poems can bring a sense of great joy or can be the cause of sorrow and pain. It’s something that has been here for eternity and will continue to affect people and poems. Especially in early modern poetry, love was expressed in various ways and brought different and unique features to the poems. Many poems would use the very familiar, romantic love, which is quite intense with feeling and emotions and can be portrayed in many ways. There is also tragic love, where it causes pain as a result of the love created, and mystifying love is a type that comes from something bigger than one’s self. Romantic love has been used by authors everywhere and …show more content…

Even when he was sorry for the things he did to her and told his friends to be kind to her no matter what, she returns her gratitude by leaving him. It helps show how love can sometimes be one sided and doesn’t always end up how you want it. Romantic love doesn’t always mean that the intense passionate love is shared among two lovers, and this poem was a great portrayal of that. An enjoyable part of romantic love would also be wooing and doing whatever one possibly can to obtain their one true love. There are countless way to pursue someone, but a very common way is to bring gifts. In The Passionate Shepherd to His Love, it begins with, “ Come live with me and be my love, And we will all the pleasures prove.” The shepherd in this poem tries to entrance his love with the various gifts that he can create from the earth, which is all he can afford. They are the finest goods that he can possibly retrieve, and he offers them all to his love so that she may live with him and love him. It shows how this love can cause one to do some crazy things for their love. However, there are times when these gifts will not be enough. Another type of love would be tragic love, which brings heartache and misery to many people. This can occur when the love was hidden inside one’s heart until it was too late. Barbara Allan has a great example when it wrote, “every jow that the dead-bell geid, it cried, “Woe

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