Love Is The Most Miracle Drugs

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Love is the most miracle drugs in the world. It gives people a dream in which they can fly without wings and see everything colorful. With passion, people have no limit and they can do everything. However, when the drugs is ended, it makes life painful. William Shakespeare said in Romeo and Juliet play, “Love is a smoke and is made with the fume of sighs.” It refers that love likes a smoke, touches the eyes, and makes people cry. Emily, a character in the story of William Faulkner “A rose for Emily”, is suffered the tragedy of love. In addition, she also links to the death of the Old South. To begin with, the first section of “a rose for Emily” tells about the struggle between Emily who symbolizes for the Old South and the new generation …show more content…

She refused to acknowledge that the old mayor of the town had died for ten years and the law had changed. Closing ears and eyes, Emily lived in a box whole life without knowing the change of the town. The Old South was behind the North and they didn’t want to change. The South wanted to keep slavery and this made them backward. Refusing to change and keeping the old things which didn’t suit the means you will be kicked out of the game.
Second, Emily was effected to become a traditional woman by her father, which led to her weird behavior. Back to thirty year before the next generation visited Emily’s house, it was the time that Emily’s father just died. The weird thing was that Emily dressed as usual when her father died and the sentence that she said to other ladies “my father is not dead.” When she accepted that her father went away, she was sick for a long time. After reading this part, people know that there is something wrong about Emily’s mindset. It likes she refused to accept the new things. She just closed her eyes and ears so that she could stop listening from other people. It seemed that she couldn’t stand the truth, so she was sick until another man come to her life and released her again. However, Emily’s mind made her having negative behavior in the story when she killed her lover and lived with the corpse until she died. She depended too much on men. When her father was alive, she was effect by

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