Love, Sex And The City And Lucky Louie

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It is common for many televisions shows to include the topic of marriage and relationships as either the main focus, or extra details to push the plot forward. In many cases on television, the marriages and relationships are often shown with happy endings. This varies from always being the perfect couple every episode, to couples having a fight and resolving it, to someone looking for love and finding the perfect partner. HBO is one example that has discussed marriage and relationships in many of their shows that shows the imperfections and differences in marriages and relationships. Big Love, Sex and the City and Lucky Louie all show or discuss different aspects of marriage and relationships. Big Love is the first show to come to mind when I think of HBO shows and marriage. This show is not about a “normal” marriage. Normal meaning that the marriage is between a man and a woman because that is what is most often portrayed in television and other media. Gay relationships have been seen more on television, but back in 2006 when Big Love first premiered, almost all marriages and relationships where monogamous and heterosexual.
Big Love follows the lives of a closeted polygamist family in Salt Lake City, Utah. There are three wives married to one man, each who have children and a house of their own. They are a closeted polygamist family because it is illegal to be polygamists, so they try to pretend to be three separate families. Todd VanDerWerff says, “The

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