Lowering The Drinking Age Of The Age

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However, there are those who remain persistent in their requests to drop the drinking age to a slightly lower option. Opposition to the legal drinking age of twenty-one has shown to have some support from mostly younger groups of people, without much validation as to why a lowered drinking age would be beneficial to our country as a whole. Yet, there are still some interesting arguments for those in favor of dropping the age at which it is legal to drink to eighteen.
Consider how many young adults choose to drink illegally on a regular basis. According to the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, by age fifteen roughly half of all teenagers have had their first drink, and that by age eighteen roughly seventy percent of all teenagers have had a drink (“Underage Drinking” np). The truth is, underage drinking is a common issue in America. Lowering the drinking age is believed by many to be a solution to reducing underage drinking. The idea is that if the drinking age is lowered; those under the age of twenty-one who will then fit in the legal drinking age category, will not find drinking as appealing as it was before it was legalized for their age group. Eventually, drinking alcohol will start to become the norm and will not feel like the “cool” thing to do anymore. This will result in a lowered number of teenagers drinking, cutting out the large majority who drink as a way to fit in at social gatherings.
With an increasing maturity level that can be seen in the

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