Loyalty Of Loyalty And Loyalty

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Loyalty is something I take very seriously, because loyalty is everything, whether it’s a friendship, relationship or just trusting someone. Putting your trust in someone and being loyal to them is something that is hard to come by.
The way I was brought up and the things that were taught to me are the things that built me to be the genuine, loyal and honest person I am today. Sometimes in life things get hard and you turn to others to talk to , vent to or rely on for comfort, but sometimes you have to be careful who you talk to and share information with because you never know who is trying to kick you when you are down. That’s where you have to take a look at your surroundings and ask yourself if the people you associate with and talk to be the people you can trust with your business. This is where the loyalty comes in, when you trust someone you have your guard down and I’ve experienced this first hand and if they are people you trust you should never worry about hearing your business from others.
There came a time when I found myself alone and going through some tough things and I leaned on the people I could trust, or so I thought. I had just started my freshman year and I had two best friends that I was close with, Tory and Gabby. I trusted them with anything they had my back and I had theirs. Two weeks after school had started back up Tory had been talking to someone and had been telling all my business about my personal problems. I thought I could trust

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