Luciano Farnese Essay

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Palazzo Farnese, as designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, is still one of Rome’s most impressive palaces. It was built in a time where there were several guidelines established for Renaissance architecture, which show in the way the palace was designed. The façade is perfectly symmetrical and several elements in the plan are symmetrical as well. The palace has three levels, which was characteristic for Renaissance palaces. Unlike earlier Renaissance palaces, all levels have the same height in the Farnese palace.

There is a great amount of rhythm in the façade, as all the, finely detailed, windows are aligned for the three floors, with an exception made for the central axis, where the entrance and the balcony on the piano nobile are …show more content…

The Cardinal’s room, the most important room in the building, is located on the corner of the first floor, where the Cardinal had the view over entire square as well. The building is surmounted with a big cornice, of a size that emphasizes the power the building expresses. The quoins on the side show an ending to the building, which in combination with the cornice form a sort of frame, there can be no mistake made about the independence of the building. The pilasters on the outside are of Ionian order on the first floor, and Corinthian order on the top floor. Around the courtyard, the same orders were used, but with an added Tuscan order for the elements on the ground floor.
From the outside, as seen from the piazza Farnese, you can definitely call the Palazzo Farnese a true urban palace. It has an appearance of power, which was established by the fact the Pope used to inhabit the palace. The position of the building, with the big square in front of it and no other buildings of a similar size besides it, only confirms the status of urban palace. Although it does not have a perfectly symmetrical interior, the majestic exterior makes sure nobody underestimates the power of the

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