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Lucid dreaming - you are in a dream while you are still inside that dreamyou realize that you are within it you are able to understand what is going on and being able to control it, enjoy it etc. lucid dreaming is a happy beautiful sensation . its amazing thing to experience but just like anything there are two sides so everyt spectrum and what seems to be the opposite of lucid dreaming is known as sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is something that each time we sleep at night we enter it , when entering rem the dream cycle of our sleep stages are body goes into something known as atonia. This atonia esttentially paralyzes our muscles and does this for a good reason because when we are in dreams and acting our those dreams in our minds, we wouldnt …show more content…

Sleep paralysis can be the caused of many things such as , lack of sleep, stress and sadness,or just not being in a good mood in general. There are a lot of different factors that come toghether to cause this sort of problem known as sleep paralsyis.and what happens during sleep paralysis is not only that your body enters a state of not being able to physically move but your mind wakes up while you were in these dreams, you are not lucid you are fully conscious you can simply not move your body. Its different from lucid dreaming because youre merging to seperate worlds, the lucid world and the conscious world. And to the state of your mind thinking that its still in a dream when you are truly fully awake. It is so hazy from the sensations that happen within your rem cycle within your dreams that thus because of this, doesnt know its woken up. Whats scary about this state is our mind and body would not actually take in ;sound, sight ,hearing, smell, all these different factors are coming into our body at the time when our mind is waking up but our body wont move . it makes these sensations overload our brain and because of these factors, which people recieve horrible experience that people

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