Lucretius Creation

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There’s not a definite explaining as to who, what, when, where, and how everything in this world was created. One of the greatest creation questions is how or who created humankind. According to many religious writings, God was the one that created everything, from the universe down to every cell in our body. According to the Bible, God was the one who created human and everything else. However, in the section, “Creation and the Cosmos”, some texts contradict with this idea that God created all things. One pre-Socratic, Thales of Miletus, an early Greek scientific thinker, argues that the world is made of one substance and that substance is not God. The epic On the Nature of Things, by Lucretius, he denied the idea that God was the creator …show more content…

In the epic On the Nature of Things, Lucretius starts by praising Venus, the goddess of sex, “And since it is you along who govern the birth / And growth of things, since nothing without you / Can be glad or lovely or rise to the shores of light,” (52, 21-23). Venus controls all aspect of life, and giving birth to all beings on Earth. However, Venus, the goddess that governs life, is not the creator of life. According to Lucretius, “Nature creates and feeds and grows all things…In setting forth their law; and “first beginnings”- / For from these elements all the world is formed” (53, 56-60). Venus is not the beginning of life, she too is created. The one whom created life is nature. Similar to Thales, Lucretius agrees that nature is mother of all …show more content…

The epic tells the story of the world’s creation. Before anything existed, even gods, Mother Ocean, Tiamat, and Fresh Water, Apsu merged together to create the first pair of gods, and from there on created more gods/ goddesses. Then gods created humankind. From this we can see that gods are the creator of mankind. However, if we trace back, it was the two bodies of water created gods. It’s like a chain effect, if gods created mankind and waters created gods that means it was water is the one that truly created us. Water is created out of nature. Therefore, nature is the one who created

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