Ludwig Van Beethoven, One of the Greatest Composers of the Roomantic Period

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There are many different texts that provide hard evidence that he was an individual who went on to become one of the best-known composers of all times. The early life of music saw many composers try to succeed with writing and publishing music. However, Ludwig van Beethoven emerged to become a crucial figure during the transition from Classical to Romantic eras. Over time, Ludwig van Beethoven developed into a legendary composer who has influenced many musicians throughout the world. Ludwig van Beethoven was a brilliant musician who transformed the world of music. He was an intelligent, ambitious, and progressive individual. He attracted a great audience who has developed a love for his music. Beethoven overcame the adversity of becoming deaf and he was determined not to let his struggles overtake his ability to produce wonderful music. According to the text written in Biographies, “Beethoven’s music reflects his tortured personality and is very personal and passionate” (pg 94). It was recorded that Ludwig van Beethoven entered into the world in December 16, 1770. He was born in Bonn Germany to Johann and Maria Magdelena van Beethoven. The day after Beethoven was born he was baptized in the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Regius. There were seven children born to Beethoven’s parents but only three survived. Ludwig van Beethoven…
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