Luminous Soul Method Essay

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Luminous Soul Method
Prana Series: Where is Your Energy?
By Manorama

“You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are free. You are a Luminous Soul.”
~ Manorama

Once when I was working with a private student at my office in NYC I noticed that she was talking non-stop and her eyes were darting here and there. Her energy was wild. What I mean by wild is that she engaged her energy in an unaware way. In an effort to help her begin to gain awareness of her relationship with her energy, so that she could gain greater stability within, I posed the question, “Margaret, do you know where your energy is?” She looked at me, then around the room, above and behind her and finally turned to me saying, “Uh well … No I don’t.” I smiled at the honest and sincere way in which she engaged the question. “I believe you,” I told her. Margaret really didn’t know where her energy was. The thing Margaret didn’t know is that her energy is her.

Maybe as you read this you are thinking, “Well, I don’t know where my energy is either.” Through the Luminous Soul Method, I show students that it is their job to know where their prana, their energy, is. To develop a close relationship with energy is important because energy is your soul, energy is you.

Knowing About Versus Living In

We live within the idea that the body and mind are who we are. This is not unusual. But from a yogic perspective it is not the whole truth. When we are young, we are told that our essence is called soul, but we are given

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