Examples Of Lying In The Great Gatsby

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The lie detector was fabricated in the 1920s. It was a machine that could detect if someone was lying or not. This device could be resourceful back in the 1920s, because people used to lie and cheat to proves that they were wealthy. For example, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses characters in the novel The Great Gatsby that prove lying and cheating was quite common in the 1920s. Characters like Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby, help elaborate the setting/theme of the novel and therefore help readers to better understand the lifestyle of the 1920s. In the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald he used characters to further analyze the values and goals in the 1920s. Daisy helps further advance the setting of the novel by showing love was different back in the 1920s. Daisy had an early love with a man named Gatsby, he was poor and was not on the same social status as Daisy, which was heavily frowned upon in that era. Therefore, to build a name for himself, Gatsby left for the military to become more wealthy for his one true love, Daisy. While he was at war Daisy’s mother set her up with a man by the name of Tom, he was wealthy and the ideal man that she should marry. On her wedding day before the ceremony, she got so drunk she nearly cancelled the wedding because she had received a war letter from Gatsby. “Tell ‘em all Daisy’s change’ her mine. Say: ‘Daisy’s change’ her mine!” (76). The quote shows how much pain and sorrow she was going through after reading that letter. Daisy became so

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