M & K Business Strategy

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M&K’s shredding is a women owned and a veteran ran small business that offers an on-site state of the art National Security Agency approved classified shredding service to the Federal, State and Military ships/bases that hold sensitive, classified and personal identifiable information (PII) at their buildings. M&K shredding is unique because we come to your location, we shred the material on-site, and we use a crosscut shredding design that makes it literally in impossible to put it back together. M&K Shredding Branding Strategy Well-managed brand shift demand in several ways: by commanding a higher price, generating more volume or some of both. Too high a price will dampen demand and reduce revenues, but the stronger a company’s…show more content…
Although people are opting for online formats of business cards, traditional style business cards still play an important role in this process. This well-designed business card will help people in remembering our name. In addition to the logo and business cards, M&K Shredding will be outsourcing for a business sign to create visibility for our office suite and outdoors. We think that a business signs will be a great investment when it comes to branding because it helps in creating brand awareness. M&K Shredding optimum pricing strategy. Optimal pricing policy is also known as perfect price discrimination, which means that a company segments the market into distinct customer groups and charges each group exactly what it is willing to pay. The optimal price and volume refer to the selling price and volume at which a company maximizes its profits. It is impossible for a small-business owner to know exactly what consumers are willing to pay because they would have to poll them at regular intervals. Companies can make reasonable assumptions based on historical sales patterns and set his product mix and pricing strategy accordingly (Basu, 2013) Price is the only element in the marketing mix that is directly correlated with revenue; all other elements represent cost. M&K Shredding price is both strategic and tactical and is the most flexible element in our marketing plan. M&K Shredding
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